What to pack for your sailing holiday

Shorts or Skirt

For women, shorts aren't commonly worn in Mexico but are nice to have at the beach. We recommend bringing a skirt and a pair of athletic shorts for outdoors activities or as a beach cover up. For men, two pairs of shorts one that can be doubled as a swimsuit, and one to wear should be enough.

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Shoes: Sandals & Sneakers

We recommend one pair of strappy, comfy sandals to wear to nice restaurants, the beach, and walking around town a pair of flip flops or the like and one pair of sneakers — either trail runners for hikes or something like that.

A Couple of Tank Tops or T-shirts

For your trip, two basic tank tops, one basic t-shirt, and one nice tank top for going out. Like any trip, make sure you can mix and match these with the bottoms you choose.

Bathing Suit

You will spend a lot of time in one so we suggest you bring a couple. Bug Spray & Sunscreen

Forgetting the bug spray at home could end up costing a lot more. In smaller towns, sunscreen is overpriced. Make sure you pack both or pick some up in a bigger city — like Mexico City — before heading to the coast.

If you're traveling carry on, remember that they must be less than 3.4 oz to accommodate TSA regulations.

Water Bottle

You shouldn't drink the water in Mexico. We make our own water onboard so it is best to take it with you when going off the boat.

Sarong or Quick-Dry Towel

As an optional item, you might want to bring is a sarong that can be used as a scarf, beach blanket, or cover up rather than as a post-shower towel.

Extra Change Purse

In countries like Mexico, where cash is king and haggling is common, we like to carry two wallets. One is our main wallet with credit cards, ID, and U.S. cash. In the other, we keep about $20 or so in small change. This is the one we will pull out in marketplaces or restaurants so as to make ourselves less of a target. If you're haggling for something, it's handy, since flashing a lot of cash in front of a vendor definitely won't get you a lower price.

Your Usual Travel Essentials

Like anywhere, don't forget the usual travel essentials, like: Passport + copy of your passport (kept separate) Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor) Underwear Socks (if you're bringing sneakers) Chargers Headphones A good book or e-reader


Hi everybody,

in June I had the wonderful opportunity to stay with Brenda and Olivier on the Inspirity for 10 days. Thank you so much! We did not only have the most excellent and sunny weather but the two also took me to the most beautiful places alongside the BC Sunshine Coast – including the absolutely amazing Princess Louisa Inlet! 

For me it was the first time to stay on a boat (better: catamaran) for more than one hour – and I can tell you: the longer I stayed the more I loved it. Returning to Germany I had the chance to publish an article about Olivier and Brenda and my sailing adventure. For those who are able to read and understand German, I attach the link to the magazine. For those who don´t: you better plan your own stay with Inspirity in Mexico pretty soon.... it really is an unforgettable experience.




Unlocked Phone

We would recommend skiping the international plan and instead get a local SIM card to put in your unlocked iPhone. We favor the T-Mobile International plan for its hit the ground running ease of use and coverage in 140+ countries. In Mexico, your plan will even allow you to tether your phone, just like in the USA, to provide wifi to your computer or other devices. Sweet!

Sweater or Sweatshirt

Similar to California, the area around The Sea Of Cortez is warm during the day, but chilly at night. Bring a sweater, or a sweatshirt, to throw over your day time outfits once the sun goes down. You'll also want one on AC-heavy bus or plane rides too. If you're like me and get cold easily, a small beanie and/or a scarf can also go a long way and neither take up too much room in your bag.


Seriously. Bring pants. One pair of yoga pants or a pair of jeans) should be enough. You'll want them in the evenings. Exercising and beach aside, shorts are kind of a touristy thing.


Our group of four went on a first-time catamaran adventure with Olivier Hendrikx and Brenda Robinson in French Polynesia.

It is always a step of faith to leave home to move in with strangers and do an activity that is new to you.  We were greeted so graciously, and it's not everyday you get lai'd by both the host and hostess on the deck of the catamaran.

Their hospitality exceeded our expectations.  Such a carefree vacation, that adjusted itself to whatever our whims were in terms of itinerary.

We felt super comfortable as the captain and our part time gourmet chef.

The catamaran had all options available for your pleasure and was outfitted with gear for virtually unlimited electricity and especially fresh water. Even the much larger catamarans were restrictive in these areas

Back to the people and activities. We have become good friends with our hosts. LOTS of stories after supper, a little singing with those on board, some serious keyboard action from Oliver and then the inevitable "slightly!!" drunk dancing. 

This was a "once in a lifetime" vacation. Funny thing is we are already planning our "second and third once in a life time experiences on The Inspirity " Highly recommended. VERY

Elie, Ryan, Paul, Bruno

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Inspirity in Sucia Island WA

Toiletries and medication

Other than your personal toiletries (shampoo, conditioner etc) if you take prescribed medicine, it is advisable to bring enough with you for the duration of your time on board. Although we have a basic first aid kit, it is a good idea to carry one of your own which should includes travel sickness pills, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine cream/gel for insect bites and anything else you personally may need.

Anything you'd need or forget can be picked up(sometimes for less), but some medications that are nice to have on hand include: • Ibuprofen (for headaches, aches, etc.) Imodium (for serious stomach issues) Pepto-Bismol (for minor stomach issues... or for when you eat too much cheese) • Dramamine if you get motion sick easily and plan on taking a bus anywhere Most of Mexico has a low- to no-risk for Malaria and most travelers will have no need for anti-malarial medications.


Although you will probably find everything you need in the supermarkets or small villages, if you have food allergies (milk, wheat gluten, etc.) it is advisable to bring the substitutes you use at home as they may not be readily available in the small shops you will be using to provision.

Useful Extra

You will need a continental 2 pin plug adapter for use on board for charging cameras, phones, iPads etc. We have 220V 50Hz available on board


Pack soft bags rather than hard suitcases as hard cases are difficult to stow away in lockers onboard. It's a good idea to choose soft bags with wheels or have a collapsible trolley for ease of transport.

Things to Leave at Home

Flashy jewelry – Make yourself less of a target and pick some up in Mexico instead

Here is what to pack for sailing

  • 1 Sweater or sweatshirt
    1-2 Pairs of pants
    1 Skirt and/or 1-2 pairs of shorts Sandals
    3-4 Tank tops / t-shirts
    Bathing suits
    Unlocked phone
    Bug spray and sunscreen Medications
    Sarong or quick-dry towel
    Extra change purse
    Water bottle
    Your usual travel essentials

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